A Poll: President Jacob Zuma on Twitter

The South African President, Mr Jacob Zuma, tweeted for the first time yesterday, as you may well know by now.

JZ's Twitter Account

JZ's Twitter account as @ 16:00 on May 11, 2011

JZ's tweet

JZ's first tweet on May 10, 2011

This 1 tweet created a frenzy in the media and everywhere, with people debating whether he should have done this a long time ago, and so on.

Given the current euphoria, I thought I must gather the various views using this blog’s online poll, but also keep it short and sweet.

I intend to put together a more detailed post on JZ’s presence on the Internet immediately after the municipal elections on the 18th of May. Your participation in this poll will greatly enrich the content of my upcoming article, so please honor my request.

If you would like to add our own thoughts to the questions above, please feel free to do so in the comments section below. Also, share the post with your family, friends and colleagues. That would be lovely!

And, by the way, this poll will close on the May 19th, 2011 at 12H00. Thank you for your participation.






  • Nuffdotty – where thoughts on the subject of education, mostly relating to South Africa, are shared
  • Diski4Life – a blog about development of South African soccer post World Cup 2010

9 thoughts on “A Poll: President Jacob Zuma on Twitter

  1. Nuffdoty, sounds like an interesting blogspot, i’ll be sure to refer more of my friends to it, education is not just a government concern. those of us who already have some level of education should 1. share our legacy 2 ensure growth and enhancement of the current system and 3 participate in the improvement there off… Big up mfowethu. I started hight school reusion and the diamond foundation based on the same premise… High school reunion by diamond empire of FB to encourage the formation of alumni’s in black high schools and Diamond 32Foundation a technology schools programme… also described on the fb page/ Docs…

  2. JZ posted his 3rd tweet in a row as at midmorning today. The trend thus far is 1 tweet a day.
    He is using Twitter to canvass for 2011 municipal elections, as one can expect. The build-up is logical – from encouraging followers to vote (first tweet), to giving feedback on areas visited (second tweet), to indicating areas to be visited (third tweet).
    Numbers are packing up. As @ 16H01 on May 13th, he has 12 238 followers.

  3. JZ now has 4 tweets as @ the end of yesterday. He has thus far only skipped Saturday the 14th, I suppose this was the resting day? It will be interesting to see what his next tweet will be about, given the buoyant mood and a successful Siyanqoba event yesterday @ FNB Soccer Stadium where >90 000 ANC die-hards attended to bring to a close to public party rallies before the municipal elections on the 18th of May. The President now has 14 571 Twitter followers as @ 11:07 today.

  4. Just had a taste of misinformation. Take a look at this tweet that was posted RealPeer_Presha on Twitter at 13:34 today:
    “Jacob Zuma has 2 tweets and over 6000 followers since he become a tweep on friday morning …”

    My response:
    “My info – JZ’s 1st tweet was on Tues, he now has 4 tweets and just under 15 000 followers. Where did u get ur info? @RealPeer_Presha RT: Jacob Zuma has 2 tweets and over 6000 followers since he become a tweep on friday morning …”

  5. It is important for JZ to give us feedback on the progress on Government Programmes. I am happy that he has gone to the ground and done the spade work to see the reality of people’s lives.

    Poverty is something you need to experience and see with the naked eye and witness what people are going through. Interaction is a vital communication strategy for any institution. It assist in tasting the bitter truth and device ways of preventing and improving the impoverishment of our fellow country men and women. The plight of children who are vulnerable to all sorts of activities which are destructive to society. Well done JZ in your Election Campaign.

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