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eNitiate Integrated Solutions:

Email address:

Office telephone: +27 11 035 5699

Fax: +27 86 655 7970

William Seyama’s direct contact number: +27 82 852 9408

William Seyama’s email address:

You can also send us a message here below 🙂

5 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hi Mr Seyama

    Your blog article on digital marketing vs traditional marketing was highly informative, and as an entrepreneur aiming to turn traditional business models into more digital one’s, this was certainly thought provoking.

    I’d love to keep contact with you in terms of new media convergence and would learn a lot from an individual with your thorough experience. Naturally the biggest stonewall to my approach is that i find traditional methods outdated, therefore more digitized, which limits me a lot because most of my target market are the “dinosaurs” in terms of technological advancements.

    Thanks again for the article.


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