About The Founder

MW_SeyamaMy full name is Mkhulu William Seyama, but I am popularly known as Bra Willy.

My claim to academic fame – BCom (Wits, 1991) and MBA (GIBS, 2006) degrees.

I founded eNitiate Integrated Solutions in October of 2008. I am also co-founder of Nuffdotty and Diski4life. Digital technologies are integral to all the 3 businesses.

You can friend me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, and connect with me on LinkedIn.

I have 20 years of brand development and marketing experience, with the privilege of having worked in both offline and online marketing disciplines. My comprehensive understanding of “both sides of the media fence” forms the basis for being an ardent advocate of integrated brand marketing and communications. However, my focus now and going forward is in offering comprehensive digital marketing services that are underpinned by robust strategy development.

I refuse to be boxed into anyone of the known digital media services. My curious mind and eagerness to stay on the learning track, coupled with the dynamic nature of this broad but closely interlinked value chain, make for a perfect fit. The diverse flagship projects I have worked on clearly illustrate this point.

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2 thoughts on “About The Founder

  1. I really thank God for the person of your calibre and wish you will continue to add value and assist in transforming our country and the world in general. I know it is not an easy task but I am very optimistic that with the little you can offer from your corner and the next person doing the same, collectively we will become a better society. Keep up the good work I am sure your ancestors and angels are proud. As a mother I am also very proud!

    • Truly humbled by your complement, sis Nozi. Thank you for your heartfelt wishes, and thank you for attending the Enablis digital marketing course yesterday. God bless

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