Go digital or lose out

The world is swiftly moving towards a digital future. Everything we do will soon be dominated by electronic devices and “float into the air.”

Whilst the innovation of digital platforms continues to define markets and shape lives, some industries and people are finding it hard to adapt, whilst some remain rooted in the traditional way of doing things. Needless to say, some traditional items haven’t died completely and have decided to multi-task digital with traditional. Newspapers were feared that they would be lost into history, but they still stand tall even though they are in decline.

You can read here to find out more about South Africa’s declining Newspaper statistics. You can also watch below a short video of how some newspapers failed to grasp the digital bug face challenging times into the future if they don’t find ways of innovating.

Newspapers aside, the conversion to digital is necessary. We are now ordering food via mobile applications and or on company websites, because as consumers we want convenience and instant gratification. Have a read here about how Mr.Delivery has now been forced to create a mobile app because its competitors now have apps.

“Apps give you the opportunity to present your products as solutions to your customers’ problems.” – Forbes

2 thoughts on “Go digital or lose out

  1. A truer statement can’t be spoken! Unfortunately, despite the seemingly obvious clues, it’s often difficult to convince the C-Suite.

    I’ve always liked the longevity argument: If it’s only a “young person’s game,” where will your company be when the young people are making purchasing decisions? And, will it be too late?

    Evan VanDerwerker

  2. Digital is not going to even become the question in the not-too distant future. Either we all are going to join the movement willingly, or we are to be forced to adapt kicking and screaming. As for me, a voluntary option is preferable.

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