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Learn how to increase your GQ as part of your personal brand development

Date: 1 November 2013

This GQ does not stand for Gentlemen’s Quarterly, popularly known as the GQ magazine. It stands for Google Quotient, and it measures the depth and breadth of online presence of a brand. Are you serious about developing your personal brand? Then you must ensure that you exist on Google as well. There is a freemium tool that you can use to determine whether you have online presence, and it is called Online ID Calculator.

Below is a graph of the results of my online presence calculation:

Bra Willy's GQ Score

Bra Willy’s GQ Score

Try out the tool and see how you are doing online. As part of analysis, the tool offers tips on what you can do you can improve your Google existence and found this information very valuable.

REMEMBER, the tool works on a garbage-in-garbage-out principle. Be honest with your input into the calculator, if you are serious about your GQ 🙂

With this new app, corporates can reduce their mobile airtime contracts by > 30%

Date: 27 October 2013

Arthur Goldstuck recently revealed that there is a combined total of 9 700 airtime contract permutations on offer by South Africa’s mobile operators. Can you believe this? How does one even start selecting a contract that is appropriate and most effective with such a huge choice? The solution for corporates looking to tighten their belts is provided by the app called Tariffic!.

NOTE: Here we are breaking with the tradition of writing about apps we have tried ourselves here at eNitiate, purely because we use prepaid airtime strictly – because we like our freedom that is buoyed by the ability to port as many as 6 times a year as may be driven by best deals in the market, and which are increasingly attractive.

Tariffic! certainly has a compelling story about the complexity involved in choosing of the right cellphone contract, which is typically driven by the gadget in the bundle and not associated airtime costs.

<img src="Tariffic_Solution_to_Choosing_Airtime_Contracts_2013.png" alt="Tariffic_Solution_to_Choosing_Airtime_Contracts_2013">

We urge your corporate to go ahead and try Tariffic!. It may be worth a while.

Download Youtube videos FOR FREE, and without need to download any software

Date: 18 September

Last year I bought a 3rd party software licence for downloading Youtube videos, and it subsequently expired before I could have the full benefit of it. I then googled a search for a free download solution and, VOILA!

The free download solution in the short video above works like a magic. What’s more, you do not need to download any software to get going. Try it and be surprised how easy it is.


Create an infographic of your bio

Date: 19 August 2013

A few infographic tools are now available to help you present your abridged cv in the most creative way. What’s more, now you need to update your cv only on LinkedIn and that’s it! There is no need anymore to keep updating the cv offline as well, making it not only time efficient, but also convenient. One such great tool that is also free (for now, anyway) is Vizify. See how the first of my 10-page bio looks:

<img src="Vizify_Mkhulu_William_Seyama_bio_August_2013.png" alt="Vizify - Mkhulu William Seyama bio August 2013">

Mkhulu William Seyama bio – August 2013

Go ahead and try Vizify and see it works for you.

101 apps for effective management of your Facebook fan page

Date: 7 July 2013

<img src="Sociable_101_Facebook-Fan_Page_Apps.png" alt="Sociable - 101 Facebook Fan Page Apps">

Sociable – 101 Facebook Fan Page Apps

I am forever looking for latest, interesting, simple to use and effective apps for eNitiate’s management of the multiple Facebook fan pages. I came across a blog post by Sociable with a list of 101 such apps! I already started using one of the apps for analysis of a fan page for a client, and it is called FanPageKarma. You have to try this app out and be pleasantly surprised by the analytics provided, and also how these insights are presented.

Check how you have been posting on Facebook for the last 12 months

Date: 14 June 2013

I came across a tool called getabout.me, which you can use to analyse your posting behaviour on Facebook. In addition, it gives you a snapshot of friends who engage with your content the most.

<img src="Bra_Willy_Facebook_Posting_Behaviour_in_Last_12_Months.png" alt="Bra Willy Facebook Posting Behaviour in Last 12 Months">

Bra Willy Facebook Posting Behaviour in Last 12 Months

While this tool shows that it can perform a tweeting behaviour analysis as well, it does not (at this stage). However, a combination of  Twtrland and Followerwonk do an excellent job for Twitter.

Sad thing with all these tools is that they are going premium, as the latest trend clearly shows.

Ever wondered how you can DM your followers all at once, or check your first ever tweet?

Date: 26 May 2013

The TweetTunnel app provides the answer. Now, there is so much more that you can do to outbound followers with messages specific to them 🙂

<img src="Tweet_Tunnel.png" alt="Tweet Tunnel">

Plus, you can also check all tweets you ever posted, or tweets of any other Twitterer of your choice. I went back to my first tweet, which I posted more than 2 years after I opened my handle, and it happens to be the following retweet:

<img src="@BraWilly_unLTD_1st_Tweet.png" alt="@BraWilly_unLTD: 1st Tweet">

@BraWilly_unLTD: 1st Tweet

It is clear that it took me sometime to wrap my mind around Twitter, given that this microblog was launched in July 2006.

Go on and try TweetTunnel, and have lots of fun with it.

Are your followers people or machines?

Date: 19 March 2013

On the one hand, it appears the business of buying Twitter followers is growing, as entrepreneurial Twitterers try to beat the front-runners so they can sell their own tweets to willing advertisers. On the other hand, there are all sorts of Twitterers who promise that if you follow them, they will follow you back and so will some of their followers. Key question is: how do you know if growth in your followers is made up of genuine, active people? The answer is a tool called Fake Follower Checker. See how my followers are scored:

<img src="Fake_Follower_Checker.png" alt="Fake Follower Checker">

Fake Follower Checker

The result is self-explanatory. If followers are good, then they are most likely humans who actively engage with my Twitter content through RT’s, replies or mentions. Inactive followers are only listening to what I say, at best. Fake followers are just that, fake. The definition of this groups of followers is that they are most likely machines and not humans, and some of them are following me for all the malicious reasons including spreading malware using my account, in an attempt to fool my followers and friends that it is me. Fakes are a bad bunch of followers. They are worth blocking if you have the time. But, I must warn you that they are relentless.

Back to my Faker score. Question is: does it look fine? Well, Fake Follower Checker does not provide any clue. The best way to verify this is to compare with other Twitterers. This will give you a sense whether you should worry or not. For a random comparative score, I chose Trevor Noah:

<img src="Trevor_Noah_Fake_Follower_Checker.png" alt="Trevor Noah Fake Follower Checker">

Fake Follower Checker

Trevor has over 743 374 followers as at 5:45 AM, 19 March 2013. Should he worry? Check for clues in this blog post: Growth in #Twitter followers can become a curse

What is your faker score?

Scheduling of Gmails

Date:  10 December 2012

Ever wondered how you can schedule your gmails to send at a future-dated time? The answer is a plugin called Boomerang.

<img src="Boomerang_for_Gmail_Plugin.png" alt="Boomerang for Gmail Plugin">


Just download the plugin and you are good to go.

This is how the Boomerang plugin looks on my business gmail when I compose an email:

<img src="eNitiate_Gmail_Compose.png" alt="eNitiate Gmail Compose">



Twitter hashtag analytics directory

Date: 8 December 2012

I posted a Twitter analytics directory on the 17th of July this year (you can scroll down to find it). With the phenomenal growth of hashtag usage on this microblog, naturally analytics tools focusing on this chat feature have also grown. As a result, there is now a hashtag analytics directory called Listly.

<img src="Listly_Hashtag_Analytics_Directory.pngf" alt="Listly Hashtag Analytics Directory">

Listly Hashtag Analytics Directory

This directory is worth checking out.

A tool that converts a PDF file to many other formats – including jpeg and doc(x) without need for software download

Date: 26 November 2012

I needed to convert a file from PDF to JPG, so I could upload it on Facebook. After spending sometime searching for a tool to do this, I came across a site called Zamzar, a free PDF to JPG converter that does not require a software download. I was amazed at how easy it was to use! In just 4 simple steps, followed by an email of the converted copy to my inbox, I was ready to upload and get going. Check it out!

<img src="Zamzar_Free_PDF_to_JPEG_Converter.gif" alt="Zamzar Free PDF to JPEG Converter">

Zamzar Free PDF to JPEG Converter

You can also check out more file converters in a post titled 6 ways to convert a PDF file to a jpg image.

Best social tool directory

Date: 17 July 2012

I found a directory that has virtually all the social analytics and management tools under the sun, and it is called SocDir. This discovery got me behaving like a kid in the candy shop. OK, I have to admit I love social this-and-that tools.



I found a lot of great tools, including HashTweeps,  MarketMeSuite, Replyz and Twit Cleaner. The latter tool analyses all your Twitter friends and highlights those who/that may be garbage. My advice is that you must verify the highlighted Twitter handles before you decide to unfollow them. As an example, you will find that news agencies you follow are included in Twit Cleaner as “not interacting with you”,  but they may be key sources of valuable insights.

Twit Cleaner

Twit Cleaner

Dishing out paper biz cards has been a bother for me lately. Thanks to SocDir, I came across TwtBizCard, a Twitter-based electronic biz card. Now I am sorted.

MWSeyama TwtBizCard


Try out SocDir and get lost in the world of social tools!

Scroll down for more Digi-DIY Tips.

Converting music formats

Date: 11 July 2012

Music is a big part of my life. And, I get a lot of music files in various formats. I discovered a free tool called Switch, which I use to convert music files formats that are compatible, and it works like a charm.



As you can see at the bottom of the screen shot above, the tool has a decent number of popular file formats to convert to.

Tools for my video productions

Date: 11 July 2012

I have been increasingly taking videos of various events including interviews on my iPhone and Sony digital camera. Let me share with you the various tools I use for producing the videos on my Macbook before posting them on online tubes.

Handbrake Icon

When I download my Sony cam videos to my Macbook they come in .mpg, which I cannot play as I do not have the appropriate application for this format. Thus, I use Handbrake for format conversion of the videos into .mp4. This free tool can be downloaded online, and is easy to use.

I use a combination of Camtasia and iMovie editing tools to produce my videos and have them ready for uploading on the online tubes. The 2 tools have features that complement each other, hence I use them together. As an example, iMovie does not have many of the editing features such as separating of audio from images and inserting still pictures on moving images, so I use Camtasia for this. On the other hand, iMovie has simple templates that I prefer to use for opening and closing screens and nice text designs.

Camtasia Screenshot

Camtasia Screenshot

Unfortunately, both these tools are premium. While you may not avoid buying Apple’s iMovie editing tool, you can download  a trial version of Camtasia and use it for free for 30 days. However, it is worth its price in my view.

Lastly, I use an online distribution tool called OneLoad (previously called Tubemogul) for single posting on at least online tubes including Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Facebook and Twitter.

OneLoad Screenshot


I have just posted my latest “homemade” video on review of an app titled How Mandela Are You. Go ahead and produce your own videos.

Tools for Managing your tweeting activity

Date: 19 May 2012

I came across yet another great tool called followerwonk. This tool takes Twitter follower analysis to the next level. Check out one of the screen shots below:


@Therealbrawilly Followerwonk2

Depending on a brand’s follower development goals, this tools helps to show the spread of followers across the globe. There is more that the tool can be used for; including analysis of tweeps followed, and comparative follower analysis with competitors.

Date: 14 May 2012

On February 14th, 2012 (here below) I posted a digit-tip about a tool I use actively to schedule and monitor my tweet buzz, called Crowdbooster. See screen shot of scheduled tweets as at  13:50, 16/05/12.

Crowdbooster: Scheduled tweets by @TheRealBraWilly

Crowdbooster: Scheduled tweets as at 14//05/12

My Twitter management tool kit is growing, with latest addition of 3 apps. I use Twoolr to analyze my tweet content types and follower interactions.

Twoolr Dashboard

Twoolr Dashboard

Bit.ly is a great url shortener (essential for Twitter given the 140 character limit) and with link tracker. When you look at my update on Twtrland app – dated 29/04/12 here below – you will notice that link sharing form the largest portion of my tweets. Thus, using Bit.ly is key as I can track whether the shared links are being clicked at all.

Bit.ly Report

Bit.ly Report

The 3rd app in my current tool kit is Qwitter, the app I use to track the rate of un-following taking place on my Twitter account. I track this activity as well, to see who of my influential followers have unfollowed me, which can have impact on my potential  tweet reach. As it stands, I lost 7 followers this week alone! I better check what it is I am doing wrong, or not doing such as not following my followers.

Qwitter Report

Qwitter Report

Look out for more useful digi-tips, coming soon.

Free customised Twitter Home page app

Date: 2 May 2012

I have recently customized my Twitter home page at a small “cost” of advertising the app, called TwitBacks, on my page. Good news is this is the only price I had to pay for using the app. While they there is a limited range of free templates, I was happy with the one I used in the screen shot below.

Bra Willy Customised Twitter Home Page

Bra Willy Customised Twitter Home Page

If you choose to have the app’s logo removed from your home page, all you have to do is pay $4,99. Try it out and see.

Smartphone comparisons

Date: 29 April 2012

Ever wondered how to choose the best smartphone for your needs? Well, help may be at hand. Click here for a comparison of the latest smartphones.

Smartphone Comparisons

Smartphone Comparisons

While I cannot vouch for the information on FindTheBest site, I like their approach to comparing the smartphones on their list, and I recommend it as one of the sources to use for deciding on the best smartphone choice for you.

Monitoring performance of your tweets

Date: 14 February 2012

Are you looking to track performance of your tweets, for free? Well, I know there are gazillions of free tools out there that you can use for monitoring your tweets. But my two most favored tools are:

This is a greater tool, as the example above shows. It lets you see what happens to your tweets, both in terms of retweets and replies.

I use Crowbooster to also schedule my tweets, especially when I promote my blog posts.

Crowdbooster - @TheRealBraWilly Tweet Buzz

Crowdbooster – @TheRealBraWilly Tweet Buzz

With Twtrland, a good chunk of your most recent tweets are analyzed to give an idea how you have performed. See the following two examples:

@TheRealBraWilly Twtrland

Click to enlarge

Usher Twrland

Click to enlarge

Depending on what your objectives for tweeting are, you can use Twtrland to see if your micoblogging activities are in line.

NEAT tools, aren’t they?

Branded/Personalised QR Code Generator

Date: 10 January 2012

I came across this free QR Code generator today – url:  http://blog.qr4.nl/QR-Code-Branding.aspx. This generator’s unique feature is branding or personalizing of the QR Code. Try it. It’s as easy as A-B-C. Feel free to scan my personalized QR Code here below.

Personalised BraWilly-QR-Code

Personalised BraWilly QR Code

Converting Powerpoint documents into PDF with active hyperlinks

Date: 19 December 2011

I put together a lot of PowerPoint presentations, and I distribute them in PDF format. I have been looking for a tool that will ensure PDF conversion does not deactivate hyperlinks in my presentations. After searching endlessly on Google, I finally came across such tool. And it is called, Free PDF Converter!

Free PDF Converter

Free PDF Converter

The name says it all. What’s great about this app is that it is web-based. Thus, it does not need downloading on to my computer and take up valuable space.

Downloading and converting YouTube videos into MP3 files

Date: 19 December 2011

I am an avid music collector, and I am forever looking for songs (old and new) on the Net that I can get for free as a first prize. YouTube has become one of my main sources of free music. When I find a song on this video channel, I copy its share link across to a web-based video converter called flvto.com, and convert it into a music file quickly.

MJB Video

MJB Video


Converting MJB Video to MP3

Unfortunately, quality of some YouTube files is not great. FLVTO cannot improve a poor quality video file during the conversion into a music file. But, it’s a chance I have been prepared to take.

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