Real Time Digital

How do you come up with awesome strategies that your target market can embrace and relate to,gimmicks that will give your brand the desired response?The answer is……Real Time Marketing coupled with a dose of digital.Be pro-active,engage with your consumers monitor their behaviour changes regarding your brand.Digital has become a LIFESTYLE for many and so if your aim is to topple the rest of your competitors then it should not be a choice.


source:  coca cola has had a growth rate of 28.81% over the past 5 years

Brands like coca-cola have survived and remained relevant all these years because they do not tip toe around challenges.I feel they have always made it their game plan to ‘barge’ into  peoples households by adopting to the new way people are consuming media.Their consistent strategy of making use of the consumers by diverting their indulgence and loyalty in the brand from a mass distribution into that ‘personal’ marketing by featuring their customers in their ads,a way of humanising the brand thus letting the customers tell their stories and not make it into just another marketing spin.One of these interesting examples is on this link which was called the coca-cola ‘smile back’ campaign,though such campaigns literally pushed consumption of the brand itself but most importantly they encouraged people from all walks of life to simply be more humane with each other.Here’s another campaign they did below.

3 thoughts on “Real Time Digital

  1. The world of digital has taken the “level of engagement” to a whole new level. When it comes to brands – I think it’s vital that people be able to identify themselves in a brand – be able to feed some deeper desire in order to gain some personal fulfilment..that’s why Coca cola always seems to get it right. #Strategy

  2. My take is that it isn’t always the humanizing of your brand–via campaigns like “Smile Back”–but rather the production and distribution of potentially viral content. Similar campaigns, like Budweiser’s “We’re Up for Whatever” campaign, are a refreshing alternative to the overly-corporate, high-production commercials we’re so used to seeing.

    Keep up the great posts!

    Evan VanDerwerker

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