#Netizens have spoken

A new perspective is always needed for a change. It’s a new year and it’s time to give hope a chance.

Ahead of the state of the nation address for 2015 from the president of South Africa, @PresidencyZA opened up to suggestions from citizens. But it seem last year’s matters are still hot topics. According to The Times Live, South Africans engaged with the presidential handle to communication 3 key matters. His resignation , #PayBackTheMoney and lastly the legalisation of dagga. The order of the matters was exactly in the afore mentioned chronology. The hope is that there will be light shed on how the government will root out corruption in general.

"To all you who non-believers, including..."

“To all you who non-believers, including…”

On the other hand,satirist, Pieter Dirk Uys, has also started a hashtag with the aim of getting conversation going around corruption and how the government plans to root it out. Netizens [plebs] and celebs have really caught on.Notably, even Charlize Theron joined the online conversation through the #CommitYourSelfie hash tag. See the Topsy scan below.

<img src="commit_your_selfie.png" alt="commit_your_selfie">

What all of the above is telling us is that #SONA2015 is one conversation worthy of tracking as it will be the occasion where all those who have posted question will get to hear if their concerns are heard. The sentiment shared is an expectation that the president will clear the air, provided he will be given a chance.

Most likely this hashtag will trend…stay tuned for the follow up. We will be posting factual, analytical updates through our social platforms namely : @The_eNitiaters on Twitter and the eNitiate Integrated Solutions page on Facebook. Until then – 12 February 2015…

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