Online listening…Are we really?

Use of the internet has vast grown into a convenient way of communicating. A lot of digital firms in the marketing industry have adopted having the upper hand of staying on top of their services and making sure their clients stay happy and positive about the service they are being provided with, all this achieved by the simple act of online listening. What exactly are we listening out for though? Are we being assertive? Do we have enough information to ensure our clients stay satisfied with their image in the market? 

The internet plays a very important role in sharpening online listening skills. According to the, “Listening” means to pay attention to somebody/something that you can hear. How does one know what to listen to, when to listen, who to listen to and why listen?

The most important for me is having the skill to deliver effectively and in order to do this, one needs to accommodate the what, when, who and why. Listening occurs on a number of occasions/platforms. It may be at social events, on social networks, via the media or even compiled generic information etc. Listen in order to effect change, listen out for concerns, opinions both positive and negative. This always enables you to anticipate signs of trouble and trends in consumer/investor behaviour. What the masses voice out regarding your brand or services is highly important as this is what determines your success and further enables you to familiarise yourself with the latest trends and developments. There is online material that will assist you get effective tips on achievable results, one that I found helpful is on this .Remember, frequent listening at ALL times not only on social media but across the different online media platforms will get you a more accurate depiction of your online presence and sentiment.

One thought on “Online listening…Are we really?

  1. Online platforms provide wealth of data that can be turned into valuable insights, and there are listening tools coupled with growing skills to use. Brands need to force themselves to listen to even the things they may not like to hear, as there are pearls of wisdom in there too.

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