Measuring Engagement for ABSA’s #HumanSpirit Campaign

The #HumanSpirit is a Hashtag currently being punted by South African banking giant ABSA. It links to their big brand ad for their sponsorships of sport and the arts in South Africa. ABSA’s biggest sponsorships are in rugby (Springboks, Currie cup) and soccer (ABSA premiership).

Since their #HumanSpirit brand ad covered most of their sponsorships, we wanted to know which sports/arts lover’s used it the most and for which sport/arts.

The sponsorship with the most support for the #HumanSpirit is rugby with over 2000 tweets over a month period starting on the 23rd of August until the 23rd of September. Below are the top influencers for the #HumanSpirit hashtag. @ABSA with the most tweets and most being rugby related. Bryan Habana is an influencer and also because he is a rugby player. The same goes for John Smit who is also a a former rugby player.

Rugby is the sponsorship that is most supported by online media when using the #HumanSpirit hashtag.


Human Spirit

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