#Digital world – We need new rules?

The Digital world provides infinite possibilities.  As Jay-Z said “The Internet is like the wild, wild west. We need to write the new rules.“ The ability to receive and share data is limitless.

Recently, Drake “Drizzy” new album titled “Nothing was the same” was leaked about 9 days before the scheduled date of 24 Sept.

A number of artists have been accused in the past of leaking their own albums prior to the release date, as an aggressive marketing strategy. However, it still makes you wonder what kind of an impact “album leaks” may have on an artist? OR is any kind of publicity still good publicity in the world of Digital?

We know that ultimately Piracy results in major losses of revenue in any industry. There’s a lot of work that goes behind the production of most products including music, from the artist’s time in studio, to that very last person who ultimately delivers the cds to the music stores – all of this costs money.

Many artists, songwriters and producers gain their royalties and are still measured based on album sales. Illegal downloading has a devastating impact on their careers. Where do we draw the line, and most importantly how do we put this to an end??

Most links to Drakes new album were leaked on twitter. Many Twitterers welcomed this, some had mixed reactions.

The highs


The in-betweens (the lows)

According to Risa (Recording Industry of South Africa), the South African music industry has also suffered tremendously due to piracy, which claims over R200 million in lost sales a year. RISA figures also indicate that about 3.6 million songs are unlawfully downloaded in South Africa every month, costing the recording industry about R18 million a month.

However, every illegal download steals the potential livelihood of thousands of people, and probably a trillion downloads can cause damage to an entire production company. It could also definitely affect us as individuals because downloading content opens up your computer to security breaches, such as malware, spyware and viruses – which are usually embedded in the download. Every time we download illegally from our computers and phones etc. we are stealing a piece of someone’s life. Think before you click! (STOP ILLEGAL DOWNLOADS).


2 thoughts on “#Digital world – We need new rules?

  1. A question I have not engaged with, even though it has been mooted in some circles. If artists deliberately leak their own tracks – an increasing suspension given growing regularity – how do they benefit from this?

  2. For most artists who intentionally leak their own album – I would say it’s a “publicity stunt” also called Aggressive marketing. Now in the digital age, artists can easily leak their own tracks on the various Hip hop sites or Blogs and even twitter with the ease & convenience of their tracks reaching a larger audience within seconds AT NO COST. I think most artists become really anxious before the release date of their albums and would probably leak a few tracks as a strategic way to test the market. If they get a positive responsive then “word of mouth” plays a key role, which encourages people to buy the album. So, naturally if the feedback/response was negative, album sales would still suffer through word-of-mouth. I guess either way, the culture of “leaking” is a tricky and risky business.

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