#Powerfm987 Twitter performance – 12 days since launch (Part 1)

The launch of Power FM 98.7 took place 12 days ago. This new commercial talk radio station has been welcomed as a breadth of fresh air, using Twitter followers as a proxy.

<img src="PowerFM987_Twitter_Banner.png" alt="PowerFM987 Twitter Banner">

PowerFM987 Twitter Banner

The Power FM 98.7 Twitter handle was registered in March this year. According to Twitter Counter, this Twitter handle had 3K followers on May 28th – this means its following grew more than 5 fold in the last month.

The new kid on the commercial talk radio block launched on the 18th of June, coinciding with Thabo Mbeki‘s 71st birthday. A stroke of brilliance, assisted possibly by strong networks on the part of the station’s leadership, lead to a scoop – an interview with the ex-president himself on the 20th of June on Tim Modise’s Power Perspective. South Africans who follow the news will know that Mbeki rarely grants radio interviews. That interview gave @PowerFM987 its highest number of Twitter mentions thus far.

<img src="@PowerFM987_Twitter_Mentions.png" alt="@PowerFM987 Twitter Mentions">

@PowerFM987 Twitter Mentions (source: topsypro.com). Click on image to enlarge

The spikes in the graph above indicate that @PowerFM987 needs a few more POWER interviews like the one with Mbeki, for it to stay on top of influential Twitterers’ minds.

The usual Twitter suspects – @KhayaDlanga and @Sentletse – drove traffic during the #MbekiPower interview:

<img src="#MbekiPower_Top_ Tweets.png" alt="#MbekiPower Top Tweets">

#MbekiPower Top Tweets (source: topsypro.com). Click on image to enlarge

Overall, Power 98.7’s broadcasters have played a key role in giving the radio station a fair share of mentions on Twitter, as this map shows:

<img src="@PowerFM987_Twitter_Mention_Map.png" alt="@PowerFM987 Twitter Mention Map">

@PowerFM987 Twitter Mention Map (source: mentionmapp.com). Click on image to enlarge

The thickness of a line between @PowerFM987 and another Twitterer signifies strength of mention relationship. According mentionmapp.com, Chris Vick (of the Power Hour 18:00-19:00 weekday slot), has been mentioning the station the most on his Twitter wall recently.

In Part 2 of this topic, I analyse how @PowerFM987 is doing versus @Radio702 – South Africa’s veteran commercial radio station and much touted close competitor.



6 thoughts on “#Powerfm987 Twitter performance – 12 days since launch (Part 1)

    • Hi Motseki. Thanks for taking the time. The stats make more sense when you read Part 2 of this topic as well, which is now published: http://wp.me/pEUYr-1pI.

      I could not find Lawrence the broadcaster on Twitter, whether as Dube or as Tlhabane. Given that my analysis is based strictly on this microblog, that could be the reason why he does not feature. Even the account of @TimModise (assuming it is the real one) was registered only on 5 June 2013, but is fairly active thus far. On the other hand, Eusebius and the other broadcasters have been active on Twitter for some while now.

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