2011/2012 British Premier League to be remembered for many reasons

Many people would agree that the 2011/2012 British Premier League will not be remembered only for the fact that Manchester City won it after 44 years, but this season will also be remembered for how it ended.

Let me illustrate the dramatic finish with a few #PremierLeague mentions:









My point is made, I hope. More about the end of the Premier League season here.

Of equal interest to me, was the buzz on the Twitterverse. I tracked mentions for #PremierLeugue, #ManCity and #ManUtd. The three hashtags got 9901, 15333 and 5571 Twitter mentions on May 13th, respectively. Of further interest was hourly Twitter mentions, as depicted in the Topsy graph below:

2011/2012 British League - Hashtag Hourly Mentions

2011/2012 British League – Hashtag Hourly Mentions

It’s clear from the hashtag graph above that #ManCity’s dramatic comeback sent the Twitterverse into a frenzy. Indeed, this season will be spoken about for a long time to come, with tweeps arguing that events which made it go to the wire may not recur in their lifetime.



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8 thoughts on “2011/2012 British Premier League to be remembered for many reasons

  1. All credit to QPR for putting up a great performance. For the millions of British Pounds spent in buying top players Manchester City had to win to portray a winning face. My opinion is that QPR were the better side holding up to MC with just ten men.

    • @Goolam A few tweets commented on the the impact of money in ManCity’s ascend, and we all know this was key. Key question for me is whether they will maintain the new-found status? Only time will tell.

    • Humble pie was touted as a tasty thing, believe me it wasn’t… i remeber tweeting about how some MC fans will del with the mild Angina they got when QPR equalised, little did I know that I had a full on Cardiac Arrest coming my way… I was standing as anxious as Fergie waiting for the result, the difference was that I was watching the game and he was listening for the news.. it was utterly debilitating to say the least… I was recently advised to watch a movie “Gone in 60 seconds” apparently it will be flighting tonight on MUTV… recovery will take a while… that was a well spent billion pounds by MC…

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