Macufe 2011 Temperature Check

Zahara @ Macufe 2011 Main Music Fest

Zahara @ Macufe 2011 Main Music Fest

Macufe 2011 is now behind us. It is time we take a quick review. Please answer the questions below (this poll is now closed, but you are welcome to view the results below). 

Feel free to give us your feedback in the Comment section at the end of this quick survey.

Thank you for your avid participation. You can visit this blog post after 1 week to check final results.

6 thoughts on “Macufe 2011 Temperature Check

  1. I didn’t enjoy Macufe at all,beside the venue being over crowded and the security procedures that sucks at the gate the sound quality was also poor and as for big screens really made leave Macufe very angry because they kept on freezing and some of us we were depending on them.

  2. Can the organisers be organised,…why the stampede? why is the sound so bad like last year(main Fest)? Cant you get a bigger venue for main festival?
    Why lousy cd’s in between breaks? Why break so long in between the artist?…Why arent we getting value for our money?…..WHAT DO YOU FUCK UP MACUFE?

  3. Where can I get the full video for the Main event?
    Next time there must be wrist bands so we can come in and go out as we please. I left early because I nearly frooze to death. But I had the best weekend ever. I enjoyed Afro vibe, I didnt expect Fresh & Oskido on Friday- – big up.

  4. Accomodation was a nyt mare!y r ppl in Bloem not takin advantage of this?Toilets were disgusting&with the over crowding afta a while 1 cudnt even get 2 them-bsides that the Main fest was Excellent,the MC’s were terrible,but the artists were excellent-a biGger vanue shud b used,the big screens were a gr8 idea,dint take away from the live performances-Bebe was lovely!I don’t know what Johny Gill was on!he was terrible!M definately coming back next year!money well spent!

  5. I had a great time, It was my first time attending macufe! I was at the venue early and I could see all the artists clearly, however I could not go to the bathroom, nxt time please have marshall’s keeping the walk ways clear, had someone fainted due to that heat, how wld one get some medical help? Next time please have proper Health and safety procedures, evacuation plan nd exit areas must be clear. Lastly please get tags or a stamp because it got very cold at night, we should be able to go out when we want to and be allowed back.

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