Macufe 2010 Temperature Check

Macufe 2010 has come and gone. It is now time to assess this calendar event’s success.

Please take part in this quick poll, which is being performed for the second year in a row by eNitiate Integrated Solutions.

Thank you for participating. Final results will be posted on this blog by Friday the 29th of October 2010, and they will also be shared with the organisers of Macufe 2010.



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26 thoughts on “Macufe 2010 Temperature Check

  1. Some of the security’s at House Estillado were rude, but i guess that’s just a personality fault. The one thing i couldn’t understand is why there were only 2 toilets for such a big event. They were not even in a good condition.

    Macufe 2010 was a letdown compared to last year, especially canceling the fashion show. The craft market needs a boost. this new venue seems to have downgraded it. Better craftsmen should be scouted.

  2. I was at the macufe main jazz, I must say the MCs ware so so boring and disappointing. Apart from that everything was fabulious.

    The other thing i will like to raise is the people who block the way to the toilets, I wish organizers can have security to make sure that people leave a wolking space to the looo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The MC for MACUFE Main Festival was boring to death… VIP area was up-to-standard; well organised. Parking is always a problem. House Estillado must stop having 2 tents at the event, because we paid for all the artists and Dj we saw on the ADVERT/Flyers/Posters. we can’t divide ourself into two.

    other than that Macufe went well and i enjoyed myself to the Fullest

  4. Tjo, where do i start ? Generally it was good but i think they need to get another venue. It was simply overcrowded and did not allow any mobility whatsoever)(main jazz fest).

    The security guards at main jazz festival were so rude. What’s it with not being able to go out once inside ? Sure there are systems to manage problems emanating from people going in & out!

    The braai monopoly is a let down. We are practicaly forced to buy food at exorbitant rates. Why not allocate braai areas at designated ‘safe’ areas unlike practically banning from braaing ? Haikhona, its not on!

  5. This year’s Main Event was such a let-down, compared to the other years. It was poorly coordinated and the mere fact that the stage was diserted for a long time clearly indicated lack of adequate planning. Some of the artists performed for short while! Nonetheless, i had an awesome time in Bloem. This year’s Macufe had an awesome atmosphere and party vibe.

  6. For a change this year’s Macufe was supper!! I had fun, period!! One thing I would like to raise raise is the people who block the way to the toilets, I wish organizers can have security to make sure that people leave a wolking space to the looo…

  7. We are aware the event is gaining momentum and fast growing and the Rose Garden is becoming very small and impossible to accomodate the massess,space could be checked,the other thing is the type of music the Overseas artist present,is it possible to request them to play at least a tune or two that our people are familier with and then they can sell the new albums.

    Beside the above you guys are doing well and this event is the most popular to the South Africans and International.


  8. the main problem is end you standing every second for people to pass and go to toilets.and this made me not enjoy the event and people force their way to go to the toilets and this creates unneccesary fights.Even if you give people space to pass they end up coming back becuase the road is blocked every were.Space is the issuie big time.and some crimal emelents also

  9. Please next time try and see if you cant work out something on accomodation for us who come from as far as Botswana.

    Thank you

  10. The event this year was ok. the mc’s were rather boring, the stage was left neglected for a while and what was with de same song while artist were changing to come on stage?? previously there’d be a dj to keep the crowd entertained durin the changing sessions. people left early cos after Ringo the stage was deserted! please sort out the toilet saga and managing to move to actually get to the toilet. none the less i had fabulous fun the atmosphere was too electric and people were happy,so was i.

  11. Hi
    Willy,Macufe has to look @crowd management & limit the no of tickets as well increasing sound @ the back as it gets swallowed up by the crowd. Pls look @ bettering the line up , overall it’s a viby environment that u enjoy.

  12. it was great because i was able o see faces i saw last here but haai the queeing of the toilets was just tooo uch i jsut wish that something cud be done or the venue should be changed , bt overall i had a great time.

  13. I love Macufe as a festival. The atmosphere is always beautiful and the artist line-up fantastic.

    However, the organisers need to give serious thought to the following issues which are MAJOR PROBLEMS every year:

    1. The seating arrangement around the park. Please created demarcated ‘walking space’ for people to get in and out of the sitting areas. It get packed all the time and people can’t move freely.

    2. The toilet situation is crappy to say the least. Please get decent toilets, and more of them. People were peeing on the grass! Not out of choice, but desperation.

    3. Get rubbish collectors to walk the sitting
    areas with refuse backs. This will also help with keeping order and ensuring that the demarcated ‘walking spaces’ are kept clear.

    An improvement of these three things will make me and my cirle of friends regulars at Macufe 🙂

  14. macufe was super i enjoyed my self especialy when ringo,lira & tshepo tshola was on stage pls do something about the loo problem next year. lerato kwili

  15. Main jazz festival planning was poor because there were no pass outs, we left some of our staff at our vehicle but we could not be allowed to collect them

  16. I was there. Plz plz next time dont bring dat mc again and rent more toilets it wont do any harm. But above all we enjoyed 2da fullest

  17. This was my 1st time at Macufe Jazz Festival.I just moved to Bloemfontein and my Girlfriends came through for the Festival.We had an awesome time and we plan to be at the next one…Only problem is that it got so crowded you can barely move as we tried to leave we took about an hour and theres just a risk of a stampede somehow the siitting should be coordinated to avoid any risks.

  18. Macufe 2010 was better than last year`s. The worring part however is the changing of instruments on the stage. Fans wait for long time to hear the the next artist. and also the songs that were played in between was the same (repeated now and again).
    I would suggest that next year a comedian be brought-in in space of the presenters, to keep us busy while the technicians fix their instruments.


  20. This is my 3rd time there, and i must say, entry and exit points r 2few!! people r always shuffing,very unsafe. then the toilets, r 2few and very dirty, then theres da bottles and rubbish, get people 2clean up. please!

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