Macufe 2009 Temperature Check

MacufeMacufe 2009 climaxed with a roaring success this past weekend. This arts and culture event, which traditionally happens in October of each year in the heart of Free State, is seeing exponential growth since its humble beginnings 12 years ago. This year, different attendance numbers are being bandied around, from  100 000 to over 140 000 people. Despite lack of agreement on the actual attendance numbers, it was clear that the city of Bloemfontein was bursting at its seams. Certainly, the city’s travel and tourism and retail sectors were doing brisk business as revelers defied recession and travelled from as far afield as the Eastern Cape.

Now, let’s take a temperature check on Macufe 2009. Take part in this quick poll and see how others voted.

If yes, continue. If no, go to last question.

Thank you for participation. Final results will be posted on this blog by Monday the 27th of October 2009, and they will also be shared with the organisers of Macufe.



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15 thoughts on “Macufe 2009 Temperature Check

  1. Macufe 2008 was much better than 2009, what didn’t make sense was the increase in price when the line up wasn’t better. Please improve one the sound projection, when the Ojays played the sound had deteriorated.Two things, better line up and sound quality. Why was the sound better in 2008, was there sever budget cuts?

    • Hi Makwane. Thanx for your comment. I could not agree with you more on the subject of poor sound and how it spoils a good event.
      Feel free to invite your friends who attended the event to participate in the poll as well, and they can also leave comments if they wish. Regards

  2. The line up was tight. The only probleum was with regard to the issue of camp chairs. In future I would would advise that camp chairs be permitted only in designated area. People could not move because of those chairs,we could not go to the loo,to the vending machines and so on because people that we sitting on those chairs refused to make way for us. Please!!! Please !!! you must address the issue of camp chairs!!!!

  3. I heard about Macufe on the Friday that every was leaving on so obviously did not attend.

    I have never been, its probably not my thing however my concern is prior to Friday i had not not seen, heard or read a single thing about the event.

  4. The last time I attended Macufe was in 2006. I prefer jazz gigs that are housed in halls because of poor sound quality on open air gatherings.

  5. I haven’t been to Macufe before, there was not much hype around about the event and one or two of my friends attended. I plan to attend in the future.

  6. I have been to MACUFE since it’s inception and the event has grown from strengths to strengh. But in some cases, there has not being much improvement in terms of accomodation, parking and even hospitality in general. For instance, the venue is becoming smaller and smaller to accomodate the big numbers, accomodation is becoming an issue. Why can’t the organisers look at alternative solutions such as housing accomodation, dedicated parking and overflow venues to cater for others. The other major concern is for the MACUFE festival to run over a long weekend in September when schools are closed so as to allow visitors to maximise their stay in the city and even experience the province in general.

    • Hi Lebo. Thank you for your comment. All the points you made are not only valid, but you have also made practical suggestions that the organisers of the event can work with. I shall make every effort to pass on your feedback.
      Thanks again

  7. I am certainly aware of the Festival but have never attended it. It is certainly well publicised but I have not been able in my own mind to position what type of Festival it is intended to be. In other words do I bring the whole family or just friends etc. Perhaps a clearer understanding of the target would create mor package type of business opportunities which include transport and accomodation. Package offers relating to the festival may already be available in the market but I ceratinly have not seen them.

    • Hi Tleli. Thank you for the input. You have made an interesting point regarding clear communication of the target market profile. I agree that this may help position the brand more distinctly versus many other events of this nature. Interestingly, many people only know Macufe for the 2 festivals and a soccer game that happen over one weekend, when in fact the event takes place over 13 days and incorporates many elements of arts and culture. See

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